About Worthy Words Writing

Worthy Words Writing was founded in 2006 by Elena Barbera.  At the time, it was just Elena and her laptop doing freelance writing on a part-time basis.  Since then Worthy Words Writing has blossomed into a firm that houses a collection of talented copywriters, each with unique backgrounds, experience, insights, and creative inspiration.


Our team helps clients to create their editorial marketing plans, working with them to decide the most important elements of their efforts.  We then write content for those elements that is second to none.  With thorough attention to branding, market temperature, industry research, and unbridled creativity, we ensure that each client receives our most creative, original content and the finest in customer service.


Call us today at 617.938.7504 and learn how Worthy Words Writing can help you to plan and create your best-ever online and offline marketing content.


About Elena Barbera  – Copywriter and Owner at Worthy Words Writing

A lifetime of writing, reading, and delving into my nightstand dictionary has molded me into the marketing copywriter whose clients refer her to other business owners again and again.


I first loved writing as a young girl in Brooklyn, New York. Since my days of devouring books by flashlight after bedtime, I’ve been addicted to the written English language. I wrote as a pastime from kindergarten through college, and still do today.  After graduating from Boston University, I spent six successful years in the west coast music industry with International Creative Management and Bill Graham Presents / Live Nation, and later with the largest public television station in the country, the WGBH Educational Foundation.


I was never a “professional” writer until 2007, when I was unemployed and started writing for fun again. It was during this time that I enrolled in a professional copywriting course. Suddenly I was on my way to being a marketing and sales copywriter.  I studied in the local coffee shop for hours, making friends with the other regulars. People who have day jobs may be jealous knowing this, but there is a large sub-culture of folks who just hang in the coffee shop all day with their laptops.  Seriously, all day.  These folks are students, night shifters, slackers, actors, artists, and well, writers.


During my coffee shop squatting, something miraculous happened. When people found out I was a copywriter, they started asking me to write things for them. To be clear, the miraculous part is that they paid me!  Some paid in trade, like the dog-walking service owner who washed my dog until her writing bill was paid.  Some paid in cash.  One never paid, but is still making money using the copy I wrote for him!


Thus, Worthy Words Writing was born!


What I’ve learned is that writing for a living is awesome, and today it’s my full-time gig.  I wouldn’t trade it for any W-2 job.  I’m fully committed to creating clear, compelling copy that helps my clients to gain market share and retain customers for years.


But even more fun than writing for a living is helping my clients! I love that every single day, I get to talk to my clients about their businesses and come up with creative solutions to their marketing and sales challenges.  My passion for helping my clients is what led me to create the Entrepreneur’s Do-It-Yourself Online Marketing Workshop, where I help my clients to plan, create and execute killer marketing plans on a shoestring budget.


When I’m not having fun helping clients, I’m busy running around Boston as a hockey mom, perfecting my gluten free recipes, and spending time with my family.


Elena Barbera is a proud graduate of Boston University, a member of Loral Langemeier’s Live Out Loud Community, and has been a member of Business Networking International (BNI) since 2011.  In addition to her business experience and copywriting studies, she studied the art of Public Relations with three-time bestselling author Jill Lublin, author of the mega-hits “Guerrilla Publicity”, “Networking Magic”, and “Get Noticed…Get Referrals”.


Worthy Words Writing is located in the famous North End of Boston.  Everything by Worthy Words Writing is “Written in the U.S.A.